Sleep Camera. Records your sleep in total darkness.

Made for sleep researchers and enthusiasts.

open source FREE software

How did you sleep?
Let's be honest - you don't know.
You've never seen it.
But SleepCamera has.

Presenting the first open-source Sleep Camera for analyzing sleep and having FUN! Sleep Camera takes photos of you sleeping and makes a timelapse video for you to analyze and improve you sleep. And best of all you can make it yourself. With the list of hardware you need and free open source software (OSS) – you can download, use and adapt for FREE.

We are celebrating World Sleep Day!

Our free Sleep Camera software for Raspberry Pi has been released on World Sleep Day
Friday, March 18th 2022.

Sleep Camera was developed and shared with a mission to encourage you to talk, think and share how you sleep.

Find out what you were doing while you were sleeping. It’s the only affordable sleeptracking tool that enables you to see yourself sleeping. Which is fun. But more than that – you can also analyze potentially dangerous sleeping habits like sleeping with your mouth open, that no other affordable tool can.


Sleep camera is developed in a way to support many different sensors. First version supports sensors for room temperature, under the blanket temperature, heart beat and breathing. In the future add endless amount of additional sensors according to needs of your practice or your curiosity. 

Watch this video to see how Sleep Camera works:


Sleep camera may give you suggestions whether you must change conditions in which you sleep. If you constantly move your pillow – you should consider a new, different type of pillow.

If you are constantly uncovering and covering yourself with a  blanket you should consider bedroom temperature or the type of the blanket.

If you and you partner are constantly pulling for your blanket you should consider larger blanket before changing your partner.

Maybe you sleep with your mouth open – studies show that this could lead to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, liver problems, depression, infertility, brain abnormalities and cognitive impairment. So yes, it is bad to sleep with your mouth open and with a Sleep Camera you know for sure.

If you constantly wiggle in your sleep – you should most probably change your mattress.

Most of this you won’t even remember but it vastly impacts quality of your sleep. And your life. Do not negotiate sleep for it is the foundation of your health and well being. Find out as much as you can, improve it and have fun doing it.

In this video you can see some examples of Sleep Camera output:

Typical SleepCamera setup in the bedroom.


Specialist sleep clinics are treating more people with sleep disorders than ever before. Are you sure you are not texting, eating or even driving in your sleep. Now you can know for sure and even have an alibi – if needed. You never know. 

Sleeepcamera will help you find out if you are suffering from most common sleep disorders like:

  • SLEEP-TALKING OR SOMNILOQUY:  about 5% of adults talk in their sleep. Did you ever wonder what you have to say when you’re asleep? Or maybe your spouse doesn’t believe that he/she talks in her sleep. Sleepcamera can make a solid proof and incourage you to talk about your sleep while you’re awake.
  • TEXTING: yes, it is not uncommon for people to send texts while they sleep. Let’s be honest, for some text you’ve send it would be nice to have a solid proof that you did it in your sleep.
  • NOCTURNAL EATING SYNDROME:  proof of eating in your sleep can make some sense in putting on weight even though you are eating only lettuce during the day. You must confess it would be nice to know. Andi if you choke on your food, you want to leave proof on your sleep camera that you did it in your sleep
  • SEXSOMNIA: a condition where people have sex in their sleep. That’s proper sleep and sex, not just pretending to be asleep in order not to have sex. 
  • OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNOEA (OSA): causes sleepers to stop breathing and is usually accompanied with snoring. So if you are snoring make sure you don’t have OSA that will cause waking up to 80 times per night, making mornings … well certainly not good to be polite.
  • SLEEP DRIVING: it’s possible to wake up, go for a spin, go back to bed, and not remember a thing.
  • NIGHT TERRORS: This type of nightmare can cause the dreamer to actually jump out of bed and try to escape throu a door or a window.  Night terrors tend to run in the family. So if you see it on sleepcamera you have mom and dad to thank.
  • GRINDING YOUR TEETH: with a closeup filming option you can see if you are grinding your teeth while you sleep. Mosta people are unaware they do this until their dentist notices damaged teeth.

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