Sleep Camera: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of recording my sleep?

First of all it is fun. You will be amazed when you see what you are doing during sleep. Secondly, and even more importantly, Sleep Camera helps you explore your sleeping patterns, discover the problems and behaviors and helps you improve the quality of your sleep.

Who is target user of Sleep Camera?

Sleep camera is intended to be used by just about any body who would like to see their sleep. It is just fun. But is is also intended to be use by people who have sleep problems and would like to analyze their sleep.
Besides the general public Sleep Camera can be used by doctors and sleep advisors to finally be able to see the sleep of their patients at their home.
It will probably be used by sleep researches, because it is possible to attach all kind of sensors to it and due to its low price they can deploy it to many test subjects. Sleep research could be done in people homes.

I have my smart watch collecting my sleep data isn’t that enough?

Sleep Camera enables you to SEE what you do in your sleep. Which is way more fun and it is a totally different approach to analyzing sleep. Naturally sleep camera can be a good complementary tool to check if your sleep tracker is giving you the right data. You will notice that some sleep trackers will consider that you are sleeping, but you might just lie down still with your eyes open.

Does Sleep Camera make any sounds?
Sleep Camera emits no sounds and no lights, therefore it will not disturb your sleep.

What are the goals of the Sleep Camera project?

The goal of the Sleep Camera project is to make sleep recording and analysis widely available to the general public and also to many sleep scientists. There are no goals to make this project commercial.

What is the result of Sleep Camera?

The result of recording your sleep is a video clip recorded to a USB drive that is 1 m to 60 minutes long (user can choose the “speed”). You can easily transfer video clips to other computers, tablets or mobile phones.

Is Sleep Camera portable?
Yes. It is easily portable. You can take it with you anywhere you want.

Can Sleep Camera work on PowerBank?

Yes, it can. Raspberry Pi requires High capacity (20.000 mAh) and high current (3A) Power Bank. This kind of power bank is widely available.

Is Sleep Camera connected to the Internet?

No, the original Sleep Camera software is not connected to the internet. This is due to privacy reasons. Your nights are your privacy. For this reason, you can get results only on a USB drive. You can plug it to your phone or your computer and from there you can share the results with anybody you like. You can send it to your doctor or share it on social media.

Does the Sleep Camera need WiFi?

No. It only needs power supply via cable using standard power supply or via PowerBank.

Is there iOs or Android app available?

No. Sleep Camera is a closed system that produces mp4 video clips with data on a USB drive. Sounds old school but it is a safety precaution for protecting your privacy. Video can then be easily transferred to other systems for watching and analysis.

Can I watch my videos on a Sleep Camera?

Only the last video can be watched in low resolution (due to screen limitation). User needs another computer system to watch video in FullHD resolution. Videos are recorded in FullHD resolution in MP4 format that is compatible with all modern operating systems (Windows, Android, Apple iOs, Linux…)

Can I use Sleep Camera as a standard Time Lapse camera (also for daily use).

Yes you can. Sleep Camera is basically a TimeLapse video recorder. You can use it for any TimeLapse project you may have.

Where can I buy a Sleep Camera?

Author is not planning to sell any hardware or software. The Sleep Camera software is OpenSource Freeware and is available to anybody for non-profit and also for profit use. If the interest on the market grows, probably sooner or later there will be somebody who will be willing to sell assembled kits.

Is Sleep Camera a product or project?

Sleep Camera is a project that allows anybody, scientist or a curious sleeper to produce a product for their own or commercial use. 

What is the price of a Sleep Camera?

Sleep Camera is an open source project not a product for selling. One of its main components is freeware software that anybody can download and use or change.

Why Sleep Camera software is not written for smartphone like iPhone or Android?

Basically there is just one (but important) obstacle. Smart phones can not record images in total darkness. In order not to interrupt the sleep, Sleep Camera works in total darkness using IR lights and IR camera.

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