Sleep Camera downloads

We are celebrating World Sleep Day!

Our free Sleep Camera software for Raspberry Pi has been released on World Sleep Day
Friday, March 18th 2022.

The following downloads are available:

Sleep Camera Public Version 1.0

This is the first public version of Sleep Camera software for Raspberry Pi. It is so called kiosk version, which starts Sleep Camera software automatically. It just works. For those who would like to change the source code, you can find it on second partition that is also readable by Windows. Source code is in Python. There is some code to control touch screen in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You will need Raspberry Pi Imager to write IMG file to SD card. If you are not familiar with Raspberry Pi hardware and writing images to SD card it is better to find an expert to help you.

Files for 3D printer

If you would like to print your own Sleep Camera housing with 3D printer you can download .STL files or go directly to TINKERCAD source files (You will need TinkerCAD account to edit).

In this video you can see some examples of Sleep Camera output:

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